Heavenly Hell
By: hudarling rahim

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Wednesday, 13-Feb-2008 10:35 Email | Share | | Bookmark
i want my camera back

i want my camera back =[
i cant take any photo
i want my cameraaaaaaaaaaa

Tuesday, 24-Jul-2007 16:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I am so kene update this page.

I rarely update this page bcoz:

a) no pictures to upload
b) malas nk cr pic2 yg ada dlm pc nk upload
c) tgh gile menulis blog dan bukan photoblogging sekarang.,itu la sbb nye tmpt ni da berabuk, since malas lagi nk photoblogging,

feel free to read my other prime blogs..

1] <---more on simple thoughts and in English
2] <----more on a story-telling journal and in BM

hehe..take care y'all~

Tuesday, 27-Feb-2007 16:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
people around me

she is my kawan kareb ;p
phyllicia taupik
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I've always wanted to update my blogs more frequently.Guess I just don't the time.Tapi tak kire,kali ni nak gak update.I have a big (yeah,u can call it BIG) presentation tomorrow and I'm still typing this.God,help me.Lately,I've been missing my friends back in school.Those yang sama2 meramaikan umat in SEMSAS.Yes,I've to admit,I'm not good in kekalkan our friendship.I've missed a lot.So much that I didn't know Rizunizam was married few years back.Silly me.Gossip hangat pun tak dapat catch up.Geram gak ah. So, I guess maybe I should start to cari2 balik all my friends.I mean,not all of them were lost.Some are still in touch with me.We're good.Really.In this entry,I would like to talk about my friends that really changed my world 360 degrees in school.

Basripuzi Nuruladila

She is one of a kind.Energetic.Bubbly.Dramatic.She's always by my side when i need her.She's my super bestest buddy in school.I love her.Until now.She the one to wake me up with a pinch in my arm when i fell asleep in most of the class.She's the one to help me with my puppy love and listen to all sorts of problem made by me in school.She's the one I never regret to have in my life.Sounds cheesy,I know but heck,it's the truth.Being in the same class and share 'some' interest with me.When I'm down,she'll bring me up.When she's down,I'll do my part.Inseparable as you may say.This is why I love her.

Phyllicia Taupik

This Sabahan girl is sgt2 kind-hearted,humble and pretty.She loves to laugh her heart out and always missing Sabah Negeri Dibawah Bayu.She's very patient in her way.Her smile made my days.I missed her so much that i'm hoping that salah seorang dari kami boleh seberang Laut China Selatan to see her.We share stories and laugh about it.She taught me to speak Sabah bah and I think she's a good teacher.Loving towards friends.And she's my best friend.

From top clockwise : Ina,Nurul,Watau,Dian,Shidah,Asiah

Nor Asiah aka Pacek

My secret keeper.Anything about me, just ask her.But she wont tell obviously.I trust this girlfriend of mine since we were in Form 2.She knows me inside out literally. She read all my letters,she knows my crush in school and we also send letters to each other.Sounds gay kan?Tapi,If i was a guy,I'd totally would mengorat this girl.Because she loved me for me.

Nor Suzarina

Classmate yang suka math.She's the one that you don't wanna messed up with.Taught me a lot on berchenta.And she did my nails too.It was nice. Having her in my life made me responsible (sort of). She loves to give advice. The most reliable friends when it comes to advice-mengadvice.Met her once in my internship years.And I'm looking forward to meet her again!

Nor Salwati aka Watau

The most colorful of all.Teman tapi mesra dalam bas balik KL.The one that I've met plenty of times.And still cute as back then.Loves to sing,creative and i admirer her handwriting.Had an attempt to tiru her handwriting but mine was baaadd.Bubbly as always.She gave me colors in my school years.


Sweet.Enough said.Her smile melt everybody's heart.She's the one to teach me Bahasa Terengganu.And also SATAR (satar is a terengganu dish where isi ikan blended with kelapa and put it inside daun pisang kot and cucuk2 kat kayu then bakar) She never fail to give me those satar.Pengasas makanan Terengganu in my life.

Eisya aka Chang

Hyper.Bubbly.Cute.She's one cleaver girl.I adore how she played a lot and yet to succeed in flying colors.Jealous kan?She's honest with me.She'll keep secrets.Pretty young thing.But taken.Hehe.

Those are the girls that mold my character bit by bit.I just want to tell them how I missed them and hope to see them soon.And sorry if those pictures of yours takde permission.But I know u guys won't be mad at me kan?

Sunday, 11-Feb-2007 15:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
saya yang malas

i heart them
my love of my siblings
have you ever fell in love with someone and realize it is too late to tell them that u really love them?have you ever regret not telling them enough how they are important to you?and have you ever think about them when they disappear from your life?enough said,life is so unfair,and it's just a matter of time when those people you love will be gone.tell them,hug them and repeat each and everyday that you heart them.or else,more heartbreaks will follow through.

Sunday, 7-Jan-2007 15:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
hari ini dalam sejarah

meet zaroul darlings
looking up the sky and wondering's good to be back.i missed this page.and i'm in my final year.i'm graduating soon.wish me the best it's a warm night.staring at the computer all day long sucks.i have to admit i like staring at my brand new pc inside my room for hours.i like doing my assignments on my own so called pc.and playing the sims.yeah the obsession on the sims never faded.i still can play it for one whole day without getting bored.that's me i'm suppose.that's just me.

my aunty just got herself a kitten.a 5 month old kitten.she's pussy.*what a name*and i love her so much.she's adoreable,playful and cute.i just can't get enough of cats.yeah,another obession of mine.cats.dang,i wish i have mum's just won't let me.*sigh*

that's just me.getting older,wiser (i hope) but remain kids in heart. happy new year people~!

p/s:happy birthday phalinn ooi..ur old,i'm not. may all the best be with u.

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